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  1. You have time and life. Time is the currency of your life.  Your time and life are a very precious gifts from God. Manage them well. You will smile and be grateful.

  2. You have got eyes to see. What do you see? See opportunities, options, solutions not all the time focusing on the problems & obstacles. Be intentional to See well.

  3. You have a voice and a mouth. Those are your wonderful assets. Let your voice be heard. With your voice, you can do so many things and you will be well paid.

  4. You have hands to work with. God Promises to bless the works of your hands. 

  5. You have skills, experiences, gifts, talents, and your stories to tell. You are a very wealthy person.

  6. You have neighbors with needs. You are a problem solver. Your rewards are in servicing the right people. Look for problems to solve. They many of them around you.

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