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Summary of the book

Destined for Greatness shows you how to live an extraordinary and exceptional life despite the issues and challenges of life. Each chapter highlights practical ways to achieve excellence and a life of purpose.


Daniel O. Ondieki is a certified life coach, trainer, teacher, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He reveals a blueprint for how to unlock your potential and become a transformational leader by:

  • developing clarity of purpose in your life, profession, business, and ministry

  • positioning yourself strategically for God’s blessings and victorious living

  • being at the right place at the right time with the right people doing the right things in the right way

  • equipping and empowering others to become more and to do more

  • discovering your true Source and leveraging the resources at your disposal

  • understanding that “your gift will make room for you” and learning to develop it and never give up.


Daniel addresses issues affecting individuals’ social, spiritual, economic, and professional development. He emphasizes that the destroyers in the world today include ignorance and cluelessness. As it is written, God’s people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. These enemies must be confronted with God’s kingdom principles, the exact knowledge, and study, which will raise the awareness and consciousness of who you are and the resources you have at your disposal, given to you by the Creator of heaven and earth.


Daniel emphasizes that transformational leadership begins from the inside out. He reveals the secrets of prosperity and good success based on meditation on God’s written Word and His promises. He also highlights cases from the Bible, revealing spiritual principles to help you navigate a world in crisis. By applying the wisdom in this book, you can become the person God created you to be and make the world a better place.


The topics Daniel explores include:

  1. inside management and leadership 

  2. creativity and innovation

  3. the importance of beginning small

Table of content


Know Your Source and the Resources at Your Disposal


Chapter 1: The Power of Words

Chapter 2: Knowing Yourself

Chapter 3: The Holy Spirit, Your Mentor

Chapter 4: True Riches

Chapter 5: You Are Gifted

Chapter 6: The Blessings of the Fear of the Lord

Chapter 7: The Whole Armour of God


Know Your Purpose and the Priorities of Your Life


Chapter 8: Understanding Your Assignment 

Chapter 9: Mentoring and Coaching

Chapter 10: The Single and Double Callings of God

Chapter 11: A Good Mentor: Elijah 

Chapter 12: A Good Mentee: Elisha

Chapter 13: Seasons of Life

Chapter 14: Times of Refreshing


How to Face Real-Life Challenges


Chapter 15: How to End Suffering

Chapter 16: How to Go through Crises with God

Chapter 17: A Mother’s Influence at Home and in the Family

Chapter 18: From Nothing to Something

Chapter 19: Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship

Chapter 20: Understanding the Favour of the Lord

Chapter 21: See and Seize the Opportunity

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